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    Isovia flute by Shri Partha Sarkar presenting the biggest breakthrough in the evolution of Hindustani Bansuri, from the Pt. Pannalal Ghosh modified a flock instrument to perform Raag Sangeet. Developed after several trials and difficulties, Shri Partha Sarkar has finally invented a new patented process of Bansuri making and created the first Bansuri to have all the desirable features that bansuri players wanted for decades

    1 Unbreakable Material Which Can Last Lifelong. So No More Cracks In Your Beloved Bansuri.

    2 Stable And Unchanging Tuning Pitch In All Weather And Temperature Conditions.

    3 Same Sweet Unique Tone Bansuri That Comes From The Convectional Bamboo-Made Bansuri.

    4 Protection From Fungus Affecting Your Instrument.

    5 For The First Time Ever, Customized Designs On Your Bansuri To Make It Look More Beautiful.


    our Satisfied Clients


    It’s a great achievement and blessing for my invention that Shri Rakesh Chaurasia ji has liked the tone of this flute and preferred to play in his concerts. Thanks a lot bhaiya and my brother Vishal Vardhan, who has recommended my flute to him.

    The flute has an added appeal in the way it looks on you- the pictures are a testament.

    Thanks again for your trust on the tone and life of the ISOVIA flute.

    A beautiful feedback video for my Isovia Flute from Vivek ji from Australia. All flute lovers Please watch this video for your knowledge

    This is the review of my Isovia Bansuri by Suhas Vaidya

    It’s a really feel happy and enjoy when we get a beautiful appreciation about your invention from someone. Thanks a lot Vikash Goyal ji from Agra.

    Hello flute lovers here is a review of my new invention by Bishwadeep ji from London. Hope all bansuri lovers want to see it. And want to grab the opportunity of buying it after hearing the video.

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